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I started my driving leassons couple of months back. With very low experience of previously driving, the training helped me get through. I found about Kevin on similar google reviews, so they really helped. Kevin worked with me on a project to help me pass. All the training and guidance was second to none. With a bit if regular homework after and before every class, I was able to pass the exam. Tallaght route is worth chosing . I was told that this route was the best and with some research I found that it had highest pass rate. I did 12 hours of prep classes in this route.  I did a warm up run on the day of the test and that really helped build up my confidence. I was all prepared for the theory section as well – Thanks to Kevin. I would recommend Kevin for all EDT classes and any test prep. Its worth investing your money for one of the best training.

Nipurn Karatha

15th, March, 2017

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Review Image
I passed my test first time today! I came to Kevin because I knew I needed to improve on my driving in order to pass. He is an amazing driving instructor . He is patient and showed me where I needed to improve and got me there. He made me confident I was going to pass and that's what he did. I cannot recommend him enough! He is the best I have seen out there.

Alex Power

15th, March, 2017

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Brilliant Kevin and thanks again !! Passed my test today after a few tries with other instructors. Kevin was quick to point out the reasons why I had failed before so I fix the mistakes. Finally passed it today - instruction worked really well..

Eamon Mcentee

15th, March, 2017

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Big thanks to Kevin who helped me pass my test today!! Absolutely delighted, didn't have a lot of time with me but really helped me brush up on things and got me over the line!! Thanks Kevin!!

Stephanie Roche

15th, March, 2017

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Kevin is a fantastic instructor! I was very nervous building up to the test but he built my confidence and got me out of bad driving habits that I had picked up. I would highly recommend him, money well spent!.

Ailish Murphy

30th, March, 2017

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Done only three lessons with a guy called Kevin and he was absolutely brilliant! An absolute gent of a man and he thought me more than anyone has previously! He built me confidence in driving to a brilliant level and I'm not just saying this but if anyone has had bad experiences with instructors before like I have or if they really want to pass first time you need to find this guy because he's absolutely brilliant thanks a lot kev! You big  legend!!!.

Aaron Casey

30th, March, 2017

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I had Kevin Horgan as my driving instructor and I can honestly say he is an excellent driving instructor. With a few weeks left to my driving test I was very nervous as I felt I had a lot of work still to do before I felt ready. Kevin put me at ease immediately and gave me some very good instruction on what they look for in the test and what I needed to do to pass. I went from very worried to very confident in the space of a couple of weeks. I can't recommend him enough. Thanks Kevin..

Angelica Alencar

30th, March, 2017

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When I met Kevin, I wasn't nearly half the driver I thought I was. I had developed a number of bad habits that he worked with me to correct. He really brought up my level and helped me to improve tremendously! I couldn't recommend him enough, his methods are great and will stop at nothing to help his students. Because of Kevin, I passed my test first time and I cannot thank him enough! Thank you for everything Kevin!.

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30th, March, 2017


Ronan passes his test with 1 mark

ronan describes his exact route and how the test went and what the tester said about his driving and the reasons he passed the test WITH 4 HOURS plud the Mock test

After 5 failed attempts Anna passes her test

Anna describing what its like to pass after 5 failed attempts

amy passing her test in churchtown

amy explains how the test went in churcgtown overall and why she passed and identifies the faults she made

BoJAINE passing her test first time

bojaine passes her test in tallaght…

leah deverell passes her test in Tallaght

lea describes the route she went on and worth a listen to her dad and what he had to say about the lessons.

Chris Passing his test and names the route and only 2 marks

Chris talks about the pretest lesson and how valuable the lesson was.

Sabrina passing her test in Tallaght

Sabrina passes her test and explains the route and how she felt over the course of the lessons and how she benefitted from the lessons.

Chris passing his test in the Minibus

Chris giving his opinion of which route he went on and how the test went and just received 2 marks in 1 hours driving

Ciaran passes his Minibus test in Tallaght

Ciaran Passing his minibus test in Tallaght..

Leah Deverell passing her test

hear Leahs opinion on how her driving test went and the route she was taken on.Did She pass? Of course she did

1 day before Martin and Naradas test.. Pre Test Thoughts

Here we have Martin Feeney and Narada Brady talking about their test which is tommorow.We hear how they think the lesson went and how they think they will do tomorrow and what mistakes they made on their Mock test.

Regina Passing her test in the Minibus

Regina just passing her MInibus category D1.Only 2 Marks on the sheet.Great driving altogether

Sarah Smyth passing her driving test.

Sarah Smyths reaction to passing her driving test in Churchtown.Hear how she felt and reacted literally seconds after she was told she had passed her test.

Aj passing his test in Churchtown

Aj was hard work..I worked tirelessly to get him ready for the test..Did he make it?

Kevin Murphy passing the test.

Hear Kevins opinion of how the driving test went ,the routes and how he got to pass easily.

Stephen Potts passing test

Hear what Stephen thought of the test routes,the training he received and in general how he passed his driving test.

Paulina Passing her test in Tallaght

Paulina describes seonds after passing her driving test how she feels.

Andrea Field passing her driving test

Here we have Andrea returning back from her driving test…Hear my prediction,hear Andreas opinion of how the test went,the route she was taken on,the questions she was asked and pretty much everything else…

Andrew passing his test in Tallaght

Andrew passing his test in Tallaght,Hear what Andrew thought of the training he received.

Ali passing his test in Tallaght

Hear what Ali thought of the lessons and his opinion seconds after passing his driving test in Tallaght

Ciara on passing her test.She explains the route she went on

Ciara on passing her test.She explains the route she went on

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