The best school for taking driving lessons in Tallaght

Getting behind the wheels of a car with a valid licence is the first step towards adulthood for many youngsters. While theoretical knowledge is a basic part of the foundations that build a good driver, passing the driver’s test is the most important step that you need to take. For that purpose, you need the right set of knowledge, skills and practical experience that only a good driving school can offer. If you are looking for a good driving school in Tallaght, you are in the right place as the driving school run by Kevin Horgan is a great choice that blends knowledge-based training and practical behind-the-wheel instructions to create the best training modules.

No matter the type of driver you are, without the right foundations, your skills will not be strong enough to handle the modern cars along with the rules of the European highway system. The right driving school plays a key role in grooming skilled and responsible drivers who will make the roads safer in the coming days. If you are a parent who is looking to teach driving to your teenager, do keep in mind that not every exceptional driver is a good teacher. There are some distinct benefits of being trained by a professional who knows how to impart knowledge in the right manner. To get the best idea about how much difference a training by an expert Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) can make, get in touch with us or walk into one of our schools to interact with our instructors.

It is not without a sense of pride that we tell you that outs is the best driving school in Tallaght. So let us take a look at the detailed aspects of our school and the driver training programmes that we offer to understand why it is so.

1.     The touch of experience

Kevin Horgan has been in this profession for two and a half decades and he has in-depth knowledge about every aspect of training drivers. The professional instructors in our school, including Kevin, have been trained to provide comprehensive training that enriches knowledge at one hand and addresses the mistakes new drivers make on the other. Years of experience have also taught them to recognise the exact manner in which each learner can be approached to make them develop as a matured driver in the best possible manner.  That is why we suggest that even parents who are exceptional drivers, should consider choosing a high quality driving school run by experienced trainers for their children.

2.     The latest technology

Our driving school in Tallaght uses the latest technology and up-to-date training methods to ensure that the learners do not lag behind in any aspect. Our range of automobiles is always roadworthy and can be safely chosen as the training vehicle because they are kept in the best conditions to meet all the RSA requirements. You can choose between manual or automatic vehicles though we recommend starting with a manual car for acquiring the all-round skills. Our cars are also insured to cover for any mishap that may take place during the training session. We also have a well-planned training methodology that makes you acquainted with the various features of a modern car so that there is no gap in your knowledge. In our school, the human element of teaching takes the right support from technology to deliver the best to our students.

3.     A flexible teaching methodology

We know that no two students are alike and each person has a different manner of picking up knowledge. So while we adhere to the basic structure framed by the RSA, we ensure enough flexibility to allow every student their own growing space. Our instructors are patient and not without the right touch of humour. So we ensure a highly engaging session of knowledge transfer that will make each lesson deliver the intended impact. The student’s development is our priority and every step is taken to ensure that they derive the maximum value from the teachers. At the same time, punctuality is one of our standards and we follow a punctual and disciplined approach towards every lesson that we deliver.

4.     Value for money

One mistake that many parents do while selecting the right driving school for their children is falling prey to marketing gimmicks and choosing a low-cost course that appears to be too convenient. While budget is a primary factor, one point that should not be overlooked is the quality of the lesson that is delivered. When one single mistake on the road can make the difference between life and death, it is necessary to identify a premium driving school that has set high standards across all levels of training. When you choose Kevin Horgan for a driving training in Tallaght, know that he will deliver you the most competitive rate for your courses without any compromise on the teaching quality.

5.     A superior success rate

It is our dedication and passion towards driving that has allowed us to excel in this business for years, withstanding turbulent markets and overcoming competitions. Our superior teaching methodology and experienced instructors ensure that the students learn to tackle the driver’s test with the right level of confidence. This is the reason that we have the highest success rates among all other schools in Tallaght. There have been many students who have finally earned their licence after multiple attempts by taking support from our school. Check out the reviews from some of our successful students to get an idea about the experience that we provide.

6.     Transparent policies

We believe in ethical business practices and are ready to answer any questions that you may have on refund policies, class make-up policies, and remedial training policies. Our policies are transparent and we ensure that our students always receive the best, irrespective of the duration of the course. Our track record is well established and the reputation we have built through the years is based on our hard work and dedication.

We specialise in EDT lessons

EDT or Essential Driver Training is the special set of measures introduced by the RSA to ensure that the every learner develops into safe and socially responsible road users. The entire session involves 12 hours of specialised training with an approved ADI that provides you the right level of knowledge about various aspects of driving and road safety. This is a step that you must take before earning your driver’s licence to develop into a confident and capable driver. Since there needs to be a minimum six months gap between your learner permit and appearing for the driving test, it is the perfect time to take your EDT from the top driving school in Tallaght.

You must also choose a sponsor with whom you can practice the skills that you have picked up from your school. A sponsor should hold a full category B license for more than two years and he or she plays an important role in taking your driving skills to the next level. You will also be given an EDT logbook in which the ADI will mark your progress after every lesson. Each lesson is one-hour long and involves a different aspect of driving. We recommend that you should leave at least two weeks’ time between each lesson so that you can practice and implement the practical knowledge in your driving. With our instructors, you can be assured of the complete support that you will get from them and in case any further support or filler lessons are needed, we will gladly provide them.

Passing the actual test

When it comes to the actual driving test, you can be assured of our complete support to bring your theoretical and practical knowledge at par with what the tester is seeking. In the first stage of the test, you will be asked theoretical questions mainly involving the rules of the road. We will supply you with the right materials along with the correct level of practical revisions that will help you to clear this phase. The next phase involves a test of the car mechanisms concerning the primary and secondary controls. When you learn with our ADIs, you will gain the right level of knowledge about the various aspects of a car that will allow you to know the details of every item under the bonnet and in the driving console.

The final stage involves the actual driving where the tester checks whether your skills are matching with what he is seeking. It is quite common to lose your nerves and get stressed in this situation and commit some unintended mistakes. We can prepare you for this session through our mock tests which will recreate the exact scenario and allow you to develop your confidence without getting nervous. We will also take you through the same roads that the tester will choose and offer you the right practical tips to ensure that you face the test with a positive and confident approach.


Q & A


Do I need to do the EDT?

EDT is necessary for all drivers with a learner’s permit dated on or after 4th April 2011. Before you appear for the driving test, the completion of EDT is mandatory.

What is the charge of the EDT lessons?

As mentioned earlier, our charges are extremely reasonable and we offer the EDT lessons in two different packages that you can choose from.

I am nervous about my driving test. What should I do?

Plenty of learners are nervous about the test. Once we help you to gradually build up your confidence through our lessons, you will note the change in your attitude.

Why should I do my driving lessons in Tallaght with you?
Choosing the right driving school can be tricky as it involves various aspects. But after going through this article, we feel that you will not hesitate to choose us over the others.


Our dedication to our students and the level of professionalism sets us apart from the rest of the driving schools in Tallaght and once you attend one of our lessons, you will definitely come back for the rest.