The best school for taking driving lessons in Naas

When it comes to driving, the foundational skills of every driver that are formed at the initial stages of practice in a driving school, is a very important factor in the long run. A high-quality driving training along with expert-supervised sessions behind the wheel, can make the difference between a good and a poor driver. The fact remains that inexperienced drivers are a major contributor to the total volume of road accidents occuring in Ireland in a year and this is the reason that the Road Safety Authority has introduced the new range of methodologies to develop safe and socially responsible drivers. When you are looking for the best driving school in Naas, this is an aspect that you need to keep in mind.

Our driving school in Naas offers the right balance between practical training and theoretical knowledge building, offering the best of both worlds to the newbie drivers. No matter what your confident levels are as a driver, we will help you to build it up step by step, so that you can clear the driving test at the first chance. Choosing the best driving school may seem like an easy task but there are many factors involved that make a driving school rank among the best. So we present to you some of the features that make our school the best in Naas

1.     A fully equipped facility

Without the right range of quality vehicles and training materials, no driving school will be able to deliver the right range of lessons to its students. We offer the best quality of automatic and manually driven cars that are well-maintained, fully insured and meet all the necessary RSA requirements. In addition, we also provide the right amount of exposure to the latest technology along with the necessary training materials to guarantee your development as a driver. We ensure that the drivers can try out all the lessons that they receive in a conducive environment.

2.     Professional trainers

With 25 years of experience, Kevin Horgan is the best driving instructor in Dublin and he brings the same level of dedication and commitment to the driving school in Naas. With the years of experience behind him, he ensures that every student gets the right amount of personal attention and special training that is needed to make them efficient. All his schools offer the best pass-rate for the driving examination due to their teaching methodology and the right level of attention towards the details. Every teacher in the school is RSA approved and you can be assured of being guided by their capable and experienced hands.

3.     A flexible approach

In our driving school at Naas, the students are the first priority and we offer the right amount of flexibility to ensure that they can grow at their own pace. We also ensure that each learner can learn in the right way while balancing effectively with their own schedules. The trainers will offer sufficient amount of time to ascertain that every student grasps the lessons in the right manner and even the lessons are customized to suit their requirements in the best possible manner. The goal of the school is to turn every student into a socially responsible driver with the right level of practice and commitment. So each lesson is planned out with a clear motive so that the students can make use of the hours in the best possible manner.

4.     Affordable prices

When you are looking for the best driving school in Nass, you should seek the school that offers a fair price. The best driving lessons do not always mean that you should end up paying exorbitant prices. While our driving school in Nass does not believe in providing cheap lessons like many other schools, we believe in offering the right value for money to all of our students. We offer affordable rates for each of our courses and in terms of efficiency and the success rate, we are miles ahead of any other school in Nass.

5.     Online services

We know that your busy schedules will not always permit you to visit a driving centre to discuss the details. You can always use our website to book a course online with a minimum amount of hassle. You will find the details of the course fees listed and in case of any questions, you can also get in touch with us through the phone. Once the process is completed in a few simple steps, just appear at the centre in the chosen time and our trainers will be ready to take over your training from that point.

6.     Satisfied customers

Our school has the best success rate making us one of the top driving institutes in Ireland. You can go through the testimonials offered by our contented students who have shared some of their best experiences in the school along with their views about the quality of our service. We are passionate drivers ourselves and try to grow that same amount of enthusiasm and dedication in our students so that they not only learn the driving techniques but also develop themselves as socially responsible drivers.

Facts about Essential Driver Training (EDT) in Naas

The RSA maxim of “Working to save lives” is reflected in their functioning methodology to provide a safe environment for all road users. The EDT lessons form the basic framework of these methodologies and you must be aware that you need to complete the entire EDT session before appearing for the driving test. It has been introduced by the RSA with the aim of improving critical driving knowledge, skills and behaviours of new drivers. If you are looking for the right driving school in Naas to guide you through the EDT sessions, we are here to offer the best range of trainers and top class training to help you get through the course.

EDT comprises of 12 one-hour-long sessions that deliver knowledge about various critical aspects of practical driving skills. You need a sponsor, who is an experienced driver to track your entire progress as a learner through these sessions and also beyond them. In our school, we take EDT as a priority as it helps in developing life-long skills that turn a novice into a skilled driver with the right approach towards road safety. Among the 12 EDT lessons, lessons 1 to 8 are to be taken serially and the remaining four can be taken in any order. Our trainers who are Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) will not only provide you with the whole range of lessons but will also track your progress in the logbook that will be maintained.

We encourage you to discuss the details of every lesson and its purpose with your ADI before it is commenced. Our trainers are ready to answer any questions that you have on the subject and will provide the right keys to link the answers with the practical scenarios that you will face on the road. We encourage your questions as they will help in developing the right base of knowledge that will help you to grow through the years as a competent driver. Needless to say, you will find our support in every step of the course that you take with us on your way to clear the driving test. If you are confused about finding the right guidance in Nass before the EDT lessons, our school guarantees to provide you with the best services.

Preparing for the driving test

If your confidence is on a downward spiral before the driving test, we are here to give you the right boost. Enlist for our four-hour-long pre-test session that will provide you with the right insights and best guidance about clearing the test. Our experienced trainers will even be able to take you through the same routes that you may follow during an actual test, thereby boosting your confidence.  The skilled eyes observing your driving techniques will be able to point out the weaknesses which you have and will also offer the best tips to overcome them in the shortest possible time. It is our objective to prepare you for the driving test in the best possible manner and our success history indicates that our students have a higher pass-rate in the tests.

Our success story

All our trainers are skilled enough to ensure that every piece of theoretical knowledge is balanced by practice and practical suggestions. Our trainers are patient enough to ensure that every lesson is explained thoroughly so that you can grow at your own pace under their guidance. Our decades of experience allow us to know what exactly is observed in a learner during a driving test. With this knowledge, you can guide every student in overcoming their shortcomings so that on the day of the examination they can prove themselves worthy of a driver’s licence. The fact about the high pass rate of our students is our success story and we aim to deliver this same level of quality service in the days to come.


What is the first step that I can take for becoming a licensed driver
The first step that you can take is to apply for and take the driver’s theory test. In the next step, you can apply for the learner’s permit.
Do I have to do appear for the theory test?
Anyone applying for a first learner permit in any vehicle category needs to clear the theory test. For a car license, you need to answer 40 questions in 45 minutes.
What is the pass mark for the theory test?
For a car driving licence, the pass mark is 35.
Are all your drivers qualified?
All our drivers are RSA approved and have years of experience to act as an ADI. They are also friendly and patient to ensure that you have a great time while training under their guidance.

So if you are looking for the best driving school in Naas, make sure that you pay us a visit and realise that what sets us apart from the rest in every aspect.