Driving lessons in Mulhuddart

Being a responsible driver is not just about learning to drive but about bringing in a change in the attitudes and behaviours of drivers leading to a lesser amount of accidents. For a driver, it is extremely important to follow the rules and act responsibly while being observant. In order to develop the right levels of skills, the role of a good driving school is very vital. So when you are looking for the best driving school in Mulhuddart, you need to realise that driving is not something that can be learned casually. It is a skill that needs the right level of training and dedication to perfect and the role of the trainer who guides you is extremely important in the entire process. Kevin Horgan’s school of driving in Mulhuddart offers the best services that can help learners to turn themselves into a responsible and confident driver.

In order to reduce high-risk, dangerous behaviour on our roads, the RSA has taken quite a few significant steps in the past few years. Death or an injury through a road accident can have a lot of impact in the personal and at the family level. So enhancing the level of competence in the drivers to safeguard their own safety and the safety of others as well is essential. The RSA aims to make the roads safer year after year and as a driving training school, we do our best to make that vision come true. In 2018, 149 people who lost their lives in Ireland from 142 fatal crashes. This figure proves that there is a lot that still needs to be done when it comes to improving the quality of driving on our streets.

As a parent, when you are out to search for the best driving school in Mulhuddart for your children, you need to look out for a number of features that a school should have. Whether it is a teenager just starting as a driver or an experienced driver looking to pick up some additional skills, our school is ready to support everyone in the best possible manner. We believe in delivering the best driving education to our students without compromising the quality in any way. You are welcome to visit us and check our teaching standards and also the vehicles that we provide so that you can form a clear idea about our high standards.

Let us take you through some of the most vital aspects that a good driving school must have, along with the facts about how we meet these aspects through our standards.

Thorough behind the wheels training

An important question before selecting a driving school is how much time in the car will the student get, and in what kind of conditions will they be learning? Practising on a parking lot and real-time practice on a busy road is very different from each other. We ensure that each student gets the sufficient amount of practice sessions on the road that involves both instruction time and practice time. Our instructors will choose the routes that are appropriate for each learner and provide the necessary challenges in new driving environments. At the same time, we ensure that no session is rushed, so that the student feels completely satisfied with every behind-the -wheels session. Our dedication through the years has allowed us to stay at the top when it comes to the right level of practical training.

The quality of the instructors

The quality of the instructors determines the overall quality of a driving school. A good instructor should be strict with the lessons but should be able to nurture a beginner in the right manner to develop the right skills. As one of the best driving schools in Mulhuddart, our instructors are RSA approved driving instructors (ADI) and they are check tested once every two years to maintain their skill levels to the maximum. Kevin Horgan has been an instructor for 25 years and is often considered as the best ADI is Dublin. With his experience and foresight, he ensures that the quality of the lessons delivered in his school is good enough to enable the students to clear the driving test at one go. We have a very good student to teacher ratio to ensure individualized instruction as required for the best development of the student. The efficiency of our instructors is reflected by the steady success rate of our students in the driving test through the years. You can go through the reviews that we have received to learn about the skill and reputation of our instructors or can visit us to interact with them.

The right kind of vehicles

The vehicles of a driving school should meet all the necessary standards and should also have liability insurance so the student is adequately covered. The vehicles that we provide are thoroughly inspected to ensure that they meet all the regulations and each of them comes with insurance. We have both manual and automatic vehicles to suit your driving needs. The RSA has a strict layer of guidelines for the cars that are used for licence tests and riding a vehicle that performs in a safe and predictable manner is very necessary during a driving test. Our range of test vehicles for hire meets all the necessary standards and provides an optimised performance to make things simple as well as affordable for you.

The right level of lesson planning

Learning to become a responsible driver is a step-by-step process that needs to be planned out in advance. While the course structure for the essential driver’s training or EDT has been planned by the RSA, every student is different and may need different periods of time to pick up a skill. We do not believe in preparing a student with just the objective of clearing the driver’s test as our goal is to develop them as better drivers for the future. So every step of the lesson is planned out as per the student’s need so that they learn the right techniques. This makes a difference in your driving skills that lasts beyond one limited test for a lifetime. Any student who needs extra practice in certain areas will be rightly supported by our instructors. Our methods and curriculums are designed as per the RSA guidelines and are aided by the latest technology to ensure that there are no gaps in the learning process.

Support at all levels at an affordable price


A driving school should be flexible and versatile to support a wide range of students with various requirements. The flexibility that we offer to our students and the range of support that we provide makes us one of the best driving schools in Mulhuddart. Whether you are looking for pre-test driving lessons or a complete EDT training, we have the right courses designed to serve your needs. You can choose as per your needs and every session will cover aspects of critical driving skills and help in improving your practical driving skills. There may be a few wrong habits that have crept in your driving style which we will point out and help in eliminating.

At the same time, all our courses come at an affordable price that provides the right level of value. Like many other driving institutes, we do not believe in publicising the cheap rates to attract students. Learning and developing driving skills is essential for the safety of society as a whole and involves effort and dedication from both the learner and the instructor. We believe that the best quality of driving lessons should be provided at the right price which should also be within affordable limits. Once you have taken one training session with us, you will realise how much ahead we stand with respect to other schools both in terms of price and quality.


The best quality EDT lessons

Any learner needs to undergo the EDT session before he or she can appear for the driving test. The course is divided into 12 one-hour-long sessions that cover the essential aspects of safe driving practices. Once completed, this training can help to bring an immensely positive change in the skill-levels of any driver. One look at the curriculum will let you know that the lessons need the guidance of a top-quality ADI who can make every session effective for the students. When you join Kevin Hogart’s driving school in Mulhuddart, we can rest assured that you will gain the best level of training without any compromise in the quality of the training standards.

In addition, we are also there to help out any learner who is nervous about the driving test through our pre-test lessons. A series of practice sessions with our ADIs will ensure that you can improve any weaker points in your driving skills and face the test with complete confidence. We also help in matching your driving skills with the technical aspects of the vehicle so that you can face any question that is thrown at you. Our instructors are aware of the strengths and weaknesses that a tester looks for in the learner and will guide you in the right manner. We can also arrange for mock tests which are an exact simulation of an actual test in order to help you accustom to the scenarios of the test.

If you are looking for the best driving school in Mulhuddart, we can assure you the best of our services at all levels, which are aimed to transform a learner into a responsible driver through the right amount of dedication.


Q & A


Do I need to do the EDT?

EDT is necessary for all drivers with a learner’s permit dated on or after 4th April 2011. Before you appear for the driving test, the completion of EDT is mandatory.

How much will EDT cost?

As mentioned earlier, our charges are extremely reasonable and we offer the EDT lessons in two different packages that you can choose from.

What is reduced EDT?

This is a shortened EDT program consisting of 6 lessons. It is for full valid car driver licence holders from a country that does not have a licence exchange agreement with Ireland.

Do I have to do appear for the theory test?
Anyone applying for a first learner permit in any vehicle category needs to clear the theory test. For a car license, you need to answer 40 questions in 45 minutes.