The best school for taking driving lessons in Finglas

While learning to drive and earning the driving licence is one of the most fundamental steps for any young adult, choosing the right driving school is not a very easy task. For every parent, it is a big responsibility to pick the right driving school as your son or daughter needs to grow up into a socially responsible driver. Many a time, the lack of proper driving instructions at the basic stage along with training in an unprofessional driving school can lead to poor driving skills. Any driver with a lack of knowledge and skills is not only a risk to himself but is also endangering the lives of other road users.

There are quite a few factors that you need to consider while looking for the best driving school in Finglas. Some important factors are the reputation, the quality of the teachers and the kind of facilities that are provided. Balancing these features and choosing the best school is vital as statistics show that young drivers are more prone to accidents on the road. While the roads in Europe are some of the safest in the world, nearly 25000 people still lose their lives annually through road accidents. In 2017, almost 13% of those killed on EU roads were aged between 18 and 24, while only 8% of the population falls within this age group. This indicates that young people are much more at risk than the average population.

The rules introduced by the RSA in Ireland has brought about some big improvements in the past years in terms of enhanced safety and responsible driving. But this does not allow us to relax our attention towards offering the right training for the learners and hence getting the basics right is always important. For anyone looking for the best driving school in Finglas, Kevin Horgan’s school is always going to be a top choice due to a number of reasons. Let us take a closer look at the school and its features to understand what makes it stand out among the other driving schools in Finglas.

We have the best instructors

When you are trusting your driving career in the hands of these instructors you need to be sure that they are the best. Kevin Horgan has been in the driver training industry for the past 25 years and he is considered as the best driving instructor is Dublin. Under his guidance, every aspect of the school has been oriented towards the proper training of the students and the approved driving instructors (ADI) working here are professionals who are the best in their field. The ADIs of our school bring the best practices to ensure that every student can develop the right set of skills to turn out as safe and responsible drivers in the future. The efficient manner in which the lessons are delivered, definitely makes a difference and that is evident from the high success rate of our students in the driver’s test.

Superior facilities to support the students

Even the best instructors are limited by the range of facilities that they are privy to and no driving school can maintain the high standards without the best facilities. In our driving school, we use the best available technology along with the full range of well-maintained vehicles to ensure that our students are served the best. The instruction materials that we provide are matched with the latest developments in terms of the road safety rules. We believe that in the fast-changing field of technology, no good driver can afford to remain in the dark about the latest advancements in vehicle technology and we bring that to our students at all levels. All our vehicles are tuned to meet all the necessary standards of road safety and are also insured to take care of any contingencies. We offer both manual and automatic vehicles for our students to choose from as per their preference.

Our record speaks for itself

Kevin has established his chain of driving schools in multiple cities of Ireland and each one follows the same standard of excellence that is the prime feature of the school. The driving school in Finglas has multiple students who have found the school delivering the lessons in just the right format that suits their requirement. The course structure is made flexible so that it adjusts itself with the strength and weaknesses of individual students, making them appear for the driving test with complete confidence. Our success rate is the highest in the country and our lessons are delivered with the target of making the students clear the driving test at the first attempt.

Our courses are value for money

Our courses are separated into various segments as per the need of the students and while we do not promote cheap rates just for the sake of business, our rates are competitive. Budget is definitely a primary factor in choosing a driving school but one point that should not be overlooked is the quality of the lessons that are delivered. When one single mistake on the road can make the difference between life and death, it is necessary to identify a premium driving school that has set high standards across all levels of training before making a final choice. Once you step into our classes and interact with our instructors, you will realise what makes us stand out from the rest of the driving schools both in terms of price and quality.

We offer a complete range of guidance

Whether you are looking for a complete EDT course, practice sessions to enhance your skills or a confidence booster before appearing for your driving test, as a premium driving school in Finglas, we are here to help you with the best of our abilities. Our training modules are flexible so that you can adjust with your schedules easily and pick the course the best suits your needs. We offer a wide range of vehicles to support your training and ensure a highly engaging session of knowledge transfer that will make each lesson deliver the intended impact.  We are ready to support anyone who has been unsuccessful with the driving test even after multiple attempts or any other learner who is nervous about appearing for the driving test.

Complete guidance for EDT

EDT is the most vital aspect that a learner driver’s training and the details of the same have been designed by the RSA to develop more socially responsible drivers. It involves 12 one-hour sessions that cover certain critical driving skills and improves practical driving skills. Each session has to be done under an ADI and there should also be a sponsor who will track and supervise the progress of a driver outside the EDT sessions. A learner permit holder can only drive with the sponsor, who is also an experienced driver, present in the car. The EDT lesson with an efficient trainer will help in the following aspects.

  • Understanding what it means to be a better driver by following the various aspects of road safety.
  • Practicing your driving skills in a systematic way that is focussed on developing your own learning needs.
  • Develop lifelong skills that will make you become a better driver in the long run.

Each EDT session is designed with some expected outcomes which will be communicated to you by the ADI. At the end of each session, you must get sufficient amount of practice so that you are well prepared for the next session. While choosing the reason for picking the best driving school in Finglas, make sure that you can get a sufficient amount of practice along with the EDT. Even after the EDT session is over, a learner must keep practising well before the driving test and should always be in the learning frame of mind.

Our driving school offers complete support to learners in every stage of their journey till they appear for the driver’s test. Every aspect of a driver’s performance is analysed and the suggestions are given to improve the skills at all levels. We guide your progress and cover some of the most important skills and behaviours that a learner driver must have in order to clear the driver’s test successfully. We will also suggest and supply the necessary reference material that is published by the RSA, to help you develop your theoretical knowledge along with practical skills. We have various formats of training so that you can choose the most suitable one, depending on your preference and schedule.

Our passion for excellence

Our team consists of passionate drivers who are committed to the goal of rendering the roads as close to accident-free as possible in the near future. This is the goal that drives us to deliver excellence in every field of driver’s training in our school. While success rates proclaiming our capabilities are mere statistics, our satisfaction lies in the proper grooming of responsible drivers who will make the roads of tomorrow safer. Our policies are simple and transparent and you can either contact us through our website to book a training session or come and visit us for an informal session of interaction. No matter the level of your driving skills, we are here to support you at all times.

Q & A

Do I need to do the EDT?

EDT is necessary for all drivers with a learner’s permit dated on or after 4th April 2011. Before you appear for the driving test, the completion of EDT is mandatory.

How much will EDT cost?

As mentioned earlier, our charges are extremely reasonable and we offer the EDT lessons in two different packages that you can choose from.

Is there an exam at the end of EDT?

There are no exams at the end of EDT but you will need to maintain a logbook in which the ADI will record your progress at the end of each session.

Does my sponsor need to be an ADI?
The sponsor may or may not be an ADI. A sponsor must hold a full licence for two years and have lots of driving experience to assist you while driving.