The best school for taking driving lessons in Churchtown

Learning to drive is not just about taking lessons and clearing the driving tests. To become a socially responsible driver, one has to develop one’s skills and knowledge to the right level in order to drive safely under all conditions. A good driving school in Churchtown plays an important role for any learner, as it introduces the right level of training and development that will help then to build the best skills and practices. In the recent years, major steps have been taken by the government to make the roads in Ireland safer. In order to keep that vision in track, we offer the best driving training in Churchtown, under the capable guidance of Kevin Horgan.

Statistics indicate that a total of 149 people lost their lives on Ireland’s roads as a result of 142 fatal crashes in 2018. This shows a 4% drop in road deaths compared to 2017 and has been the safest year since road deaths were first recorded in 1959. This data also shows that in spite of the steps taken there is a lot more left to be done. Reckless driving and unaccompanied learner drivers continue to break the law in the streets resulting in multiple accidents. Pedestrian safety has also been an issue in 2018, with a 32% increase in pedestrian casualties. To bring about a change in this scenario, training the future drivers in the right manner is essential so that they act responsibly on the streets.

For parents, choosing the right driving school for their children can be a challenging task as there are many factors to consider. Even if you are an excellent driver with years of experience behind you, it is suggested that you put your children under the training of an approved instructor for the best results. A professional trainer has the right level of proficiency to handle a learner and understand the exact needs of every individual and offer the knowledge accordingly. If you are looking for the best driving school in Churchtown, we offer you the full range of facilities along with top-class instructors to ensure that your driving skills remain free from any defects. In case you are wondering what makes us stand out among all the other schools, we will present the necessary facts in the following sections.

The best range of trainers

A driving school is only as good as the quality of its trainers. Kevin Horgan is considered as the best driving instructor in Dublin and he has over 25 years of experience in this field. This allows him to know the details of various factors that make a good driving instructor and every other trainer in the school has been chosen with an eye for the best performance. Each trainer is an approved driving instructor (ADI) and delivers consistent standards across the platform.

They are also competent in all aspects of vehicle dynamics in all types of vehicles. Our trainers are also patient and understanding so that they can serve every type of student, no matter what their level of driving skill is. At the same time, they ensure that you do not spend hours behind the wheel in a serious mood. Our trainers make sure that you enjoy the lessons and practical sessions without getting bogged down by the fear of a driving test. They are also local residents and hence you can rely on their punctuality as well.

Flexible training environment

Driving is a practical skill and the best lessons are delivered in the car on a one-to-one basis. So we make sure that there is the right volume of practical sessions to make the theoretical aspects of vehicle mechanism and road safety clearer for the learners. In our driving school in Churchtown, we allow learners to develop at their own pace without forcing knowledge on them. We encourage questions from our students and allow them to imbibe the lessons in the best possible manner. The strengths and weaknesses of each student are noted and the necessary steps are taken to ensure that they make the right level of progress. Additional classes are also provided to meet the needs of any student without compromising the quality of training at any stage. We offer a wide range of training modes and the students can choose the right one that will suit their needs and schedules.

The best range of facilities

The quality of the facilities and the vehicles are another important factor that you need to consider while looking for the best driving school in Churchtown. Our school does not make any compromise about the quality of the training vehicles that are provided. All our vehicles, automatic or manual, are maintained at the best possible state and will meet all the necessary safety regulations and criteria. They are also insured and you need not worry about any mishaps during the training hours. It is normal for any learner to make mistakes during training sessions and we are ready to handle them and providing the students with more chances of correcting themselves. We also stay updated with any advanced vehicular and safety-related technology arriving in the market and make sure that our students do not lag behind in any aspect.

We have earned a reputation

With years of service to the students across Ireland, we have earned our reputation not only as the top driving school in Churchtown but also in various other locations. This reputation is one of the best assets of our school and we intend to work upon it and make it even better. The success rate of our students is much higher than the average because of the various details that we have incorporated into our training modes over the years.

We are passionate drivers ourselves and our objective is to make the roads safer with each passing day. This allows us to pursue excellence in every aspect of our functioning and if you go through the reviews that we have earned you will note the level of confidence and satisfaction that comes out from our students. It remains a fact that many students who have been unsuccessful in their attempts to clear the driving test have been successful in doing so after coming under our guidance.

We offer affordable course structures

When you are seeking the right balance of quality and value from a driving school in Churchtown, you are welcome to visit us and look through our course fees. We do not believe in advertising cheap or discounted rates to attract students nor do we believe in charging extravagant fees. While the budget is definitely a prime factor for choosing the right driving school, the quality factor cannot be neglected. Driving is a lifelong skill and any compromise the teaching standards can result in a gap in the driver’s ability that can lead to a mishap in the future. If you step into our classes and interact with our instructors, you will realise what makes us stand out from the rest both in terms of price and the quality of the training delivered. Our school offers competitive rates which, we are sure will definitely meet your approval.

Our training covers every aspect

Whether you are looking for the best driving school in Churchtown to complete your EDT courses or to develop your skills for the final driving test, we are here to offer our full support. The EDT courses are a major part of the training of every learner and they are designed to groom them into responsible drivers. These 12 courses are best completed under the guidance of an ADI who can provide the right level of technical support needed. The ADIs from our school ensure that every session turns out to be a productive one and boosts the confidence of the learner. The EDI course deals with the following subjects as per the RSA syllabus.

  • Lesson 1: Car controls and safety checks
  • Lesson 2: Correct positioning
  • Lesson 3: Changing directions in a road
  • Lesson 4: Progression management
  • Lesson 5: Correct positioning in more complex situations
  • Lesson 6: Anticipation and reaction
  • Lesson 7: Sharing the road
  • Lesson 8: Driving safely through traffic
  • Lesson 9: Changing directions in more complex situations
  • Lesson 10: Speed management
  • Lesson 11: Driving calmly
  • Lesson 12: Night driving skills

We also offer pre-test courses and practice sessions that are designed to polish a learner’s skills and remove the rough edges that might hinder the chances of passing the driving test. Our instructors are aware of the methods that a tester uses to check a learner and they will prepare you in the right manner in order to overcome any nervousness and face the test confidently. Every aspect of a driver’s performance is analysed and necessary suggestions are given to improve any areas where the skills might be lagging.

Q & A

Do I need to do the EDT?

EDT is necessary for all drivers with a learner’s permit dated on or after 4th April 2011. Before you appear for the driving test, the completion of EDT is mandatory.

How long does EDT take to complete?

The course is broken up into 12 different one-hour sessions. It is recommended to allow at least two weeks between each session for sufficient practice and to learn the theoretical aspects in detail.

What to do if I am nervous about the driver’s test?

Many students feel nervous about the test in the beginning. We suggest that you start by taking a road lesson with us and see how you feel about it.

Why should I do my driving lessons in Churchtown with you?
As we have already said that we blend our passion for driving and top-class knowledge delivery for a superior learning experience. Contact us to learn more about the experience we provide.

The best driving school in Churchtown should be chosen through the use of extensive research, lots of question-and-answer sessions and after paying careful attention to details. Get in touch with us to understand our offerings more clearly and for any other questions that you might have.