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Known for being “The Best Driving Instructor” in Dublin
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Choosing the right driving school in Dublin for yourself or your children can be tricky. The fact that driving can save as well as take lives, depending on the skill of the driver, makes every aspect of the training vital. Modern drivers face a variety of challenges and a driving school should be able to provide the right level of training to equip the learners to handle these challenges effectively. No matter what the core competencies of a driving school are, the focus should always be on the aspect of safety. As one of the top driving schools in Dublin, we aim to work in line with the policies implemented by the RSA to make our roads safer from all aspects within this decade.

The present road safety strategy aims for a reduction of road collision fatalities on Irish roads to 25 per million population or less by the year 2020. This means reducing the number of deaths from 186 in 2011 to 124 or fewer by 2020. As per statistics, 149 people lost their lives in Ireland from 142 fatal crashes in 2018. This proves that there is a lot of scope for improvement and the right quality of driving training is an integral aspect of improving the above figures. In addition, better driving skills will bring about less congestion on our roads along with reduced emission levels and lower cost of fuel. So when you are out to pick the right school for driving lessons in Dublin, you need to ensure that it offers high-quality, consistent and flexible training sessions along with the right amount of accountability.

While not all driving schools are equal in terms of the service that they provide, our dedication and passion for driving through the years have allowed us to stay at the top of the list in every form of driver training. Kevin Horgan has been one of the most respected approved driving instructors (ADI), if not the best, in Dublin for the past 25 years and his effort and dedication allow the school to deliver top quality lessons to every student irrespective of their skill levels. It is due to the quality of our training that the pass rate of our students remains unmatched in the country. So if you are ready to enhance your driving skills by training with the best ADI, get in touch with us and choose the right type of course that you need.

Further Q&A

The first step towards driving training
Before choosing the right driving school in Dublin, the first step that you need to take is to obtain the learner permit. For this, you need to clear the theory test where you have to answer at least 35 of the 40 questions correctly. Then you need to visit any one centre of the NDLS to verify your identity through a face-to-face interaction. You also need to submit a form along with the necessary documents that are required. The first and the second learner permits are valid for two years and the subsequent ones last for one year. Once you have the learner permit in hand, you are ready to commence the required driving lessons.
EDT driving lessons in Dublin
The 12 Essential Driver Training (EDT) lessons designed by the RSA, allow a driver to know about the rules and regulations of road safety. A training on EDT is mandatory before you want to get hold of your driver’s licence. The training can be taken under an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and you also need a sponsor who will track your progress through the sessions. In general, a parent or a senior guardian with the necessary level of driving experience can act as a sponsor. In our school, you will find the best instructors who will impart the 12 separate trainings in 12 one-hour-long sessions.

The EDT sessions have been designed after studying the causes of various road accidents and determining the foundational driving skills that are necessary to avoid them. EDT sessions are essential to understand the basics of road safety, maintain discipline on the road and to avoid the common mistakes that a driver can make. The ADI stamps the relevant section of the logbook issued to the learner to mark the completion of the lessons and your performance for each session conducted. It is suggested to keep a minimum gap of two weeks between the sessions to perfect the skills with the necessary amount of practice. With the right level of practical training with our experienced trainers, you are bound to become a more competent driver.

For those who are interested to know the EDT sessions in detail, here is a breakdown of the course. While the lessons 1 to 8 are to be taken sequentially, the rest can be taken in any order of preference.

Lesson 1 – Car control and safety checks: This lesson allows the learner to check the necessary vehicle controls, perform the pre-start safety checks and establish the roadworthiness of the vehicle.

Lesson 2 – Correct Positioning: This lesson teaches the correct positioning of a car on the road, and other manoeuvres like cornering, changing lanes, entering and exiting junctions and others.

Lesson 3 – Changing Direction: This lesson involves the learning of the key observational techniques vital for road safety, in low-risk driving situations which involve scanning techniques, safety glances and the use of mirrors.

Lesson 4 – Progression Management: This lesson deals with the regulation of speed and maintaining good control over the speed of the vehicle in low-risk driving situations. Theoretical aspects speed control, safe distances, speed limits etc. are also discussed.

Lesson 5 – Correct Positioning (Continued): Lesson five is an extension of lesson 2 and allows the learner to perform challenging manoeuvres along with maintaining the right safety distances and making the safe use of road sharing techniques.

Lesson 6 – Anticipation and Reaction: This lesson involves the scanning of the environment for potential risks and identifying hazards for a quick and effective response, especially in a critical situation.

Lesson 7 – Sharing the road: This lesson deals with the details of road conditions, including those in the junctions and streets with parked cars, along with the right methods of giving way to emergency vehicles.

Lesson 8 – Driving safely through traffic: Lesson eight deals with driving in congested environments by recognising risks towards the safety of others and co-operating with other road users. It also involves learning about the correct defensive driving techniques.

Lesson 9 – Changing Direction: This lesson involves more complex situations and the learner deals with changing directions safely in busy roads and carrying out observational tasks while turning.

Lesson 10 – Speed Management: The learner has to drive with the ADI in fast-moving traffic that has vehicles changing speed while managing the speed effectively without compromising safety. This stage also deals with decision making skills in a fast-changing environment.

Lesson 11 – Driving Calmly: This session deals with psychological factors involving driving under conditions when an individual is frustrated, agitated or feeling threatened. It also involves dealing with distractions and recovering effectively from unforeseen conditions.

Lesson 12 – Night Driving: This lesson involves studying the methods of driving safely in the dark or under poor road light conditions. It also teaches about appropriately using the vehicle’s lighting in an effective manner and responding to the light from other vehicles in the correct way.

Pre-test lessons in Dublin
Ahead of EDT, it is very normal for learners to seek practice and guidance before the actual driving test. In general, the driving test deals with multiple factors including practical driving skills, technical knowledge and mental prowess. The tester will look for the weaknesses in your skill and if you are not confident about all the aspects of your driving, there is a high chance that your result will get affected. This is the reason that training with the best instructors is very important before the driving test. It also allows you to discover any gaps in your knowledge whether in the practical or in the theoretical arenas. The experienced eyes of our trainers will pick your weaknesses and they will help you to turn them into your strengths. The high quality of our pre-test lessons is one reason that our students have a very high pass rate.

In addition, we also provide mock tests that will allow you to get familiar with the actual environment of the test. We replicate the exact environment of the test and select the same routes that the testers choose. This process will help you to build up your confidence levels and tackle the questions without any amount of hesitation. Many students are affected by nervousness and stress before or during the exam and the mock tests can help you to overcome such issues. We also train our students about handling the psychological aspects of the test effectively so that they can make the right moves during the test. These tests will definitely help you to clear the driving test at the first attempt.

Choosing us as your driving school in Dublin
Among the multiple driving schools in Dublin, we stand out as one of the best due to a variety of factors. Our teaching process is focused on the key elements that make an individual a better driver and we integrate practical sessions and theory effectively for a wholesome learning experience. Let us take a look at some of the factors that make our driving school stand out from the rest in Dublin.
We put the students first
Our goal is to make the streets safer through responsible drivers and for that reason we strive for excellence when delivering to our students. We have a unique way of imparting knowledge and train each individual in a customized manner to suit his or her needs. Our trainers can deliver the lessons to match your learning pace and explain a topic in simple terms to help you understand the technical aspects with the right level of clarity.

We do not believe in delivering the complex technical lessons at a fast pace which is difficult for the pupil to pick up. None of the lessons are rushed, allowing you to develop at your own pace and ensure that your skills peak at the right moment. Our trainers are ready to answer all queries or to provide extra practice classes as required to ensure that the right level of knowledge is imbibed by each student.

The perfect balance of experience and technology
For a driving school to deliver the best services, the quality of the lesson delivery should go hand in hand with the best facilities. We provide the right range of knowledge through some of the best trainers and top-class vehicles that meet all the necessary standards stated by the authorities. Our lessons and course materials are kept up to date with the latest technological developments to ensure that there is no lag in the knowledge of our students.

Each lesson starts with a general discussion on the objectives and ends with the right level of practical training conducted in an ideal setting. At the same time, you will find our instructors as some of the friendliest ADIs in Dublin who will make your training sessions are a lot of fun. Apart from that, you can rest assured that all our vehicles are insured to safeguard our students from any unforeseen events.

Affordable course fees
While many schools may offer gimmicks in the form of cheap prices, we do not believe in such practices. Keep in mind that taking cheap driving lessons can not only be a waste of time but can also lead to serious deficiencies in your driving skills. Driving is a practice in which a slight error can result in serious casualties and hence it is best to check the quality of the lesson that is being offered. Our business policies are transparent from every aspect and we offer fair and reasonable prices that will ensure the right value for your money. When you join a learning session with our highly motivated team and experience our efficient system of knowledge delivery, you will definitely appreciate the balance between price and quality that we offer. You can easily take a look at the various course fees from our website.
The final words
For every learner, it is necessary to understand the true importance of safe driving and train in a structured and well-planned manner to sharpen the skill levels. This is the best way to develop the skills that will serve you for a lifetime. As one of the best driving schools in Dublin, we are here to support you in every step of your journey from a learner to a full-fledged driver. Contact us through our website or call us to clarify any queries that you may have.
Will my nervousness affect my results in the driving test?
Many of the learners are nervous about the driving test. We suggest that you start by taking a road lesson with us and see how you feel about it.
How much will the EDT related lessons cost?
As mentioned earlier, our charges are extremely reasonable and you can take a look into our website where the details of the charges are mentioned.
Do I have to do appear for the theory test?
Anyone applying for a first learner permit in any vehicle category needs to clear the theory test first. For a car license, you need to answer 40 questions in 45 minutes.
Do I need insurance for my driving lessons?
Yes, you need insurance if you are heading out with a learner permit. As we mentioned earlier, you will be covered by a licence when you are training with us in our vehicle.


I started my driving leassons couple of months back. With very low experience of previously driving, the training helped me get through. I found about Kevin on similar google reviews, so they really helped. Kevin worked with me on a project to help me pass. All the training and guidance was second to none. With a bit if regular homework after and before every class, I was able to pass the exam. Tallaght route is worth chosing . I was told that this route was the best and with some research I found that it had highest pass rate. I did 12 hours of prep classes in this route.  I did a warm up run on the day of the test and that really helped build up my confidence. I was all prepared for the theory section as well – Thanks to Kevin. I would recommend Kevin for all EDT classes and any test prep. Its worth investing your money for one of the best training.

Nipurn Karatha

15th, March, 2017

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I passed my test first time today! I came to Kevin because I knew I...

Alex Power

15th, March, 2017

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Brilliant Kevin and thanks again !! Passed my test today after a few tries with...

Eamon Mcentee

15th, March, 2017

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Big thanks to Kevin who helped me pass my test today!! Absolutely delighted, didn't have...

Stephanie Roche

15th, March, 2017